Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the BLOCK in Summer BLOCK Party (SBP) stand for?
A. Biblical Learning Opportunities for the Children of the Kingdom.

Q. When is SBP for 2020?
A.  Sunday, June 21st - Wednesday, June 24th.    The time will be from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm.

Q. What is the Kick-off?
A. The Kick-off will be a family event where fun activities are provided at no charge from 5:00 pm until 6:30pm on Sunday, June 21st.  

Q.  What do I do with the lanyard/nametag and wristbands that I received?
A.  Each night you will help your child tear off the security stub on the wristband and place the wristband on the child.  You will keep the security stub so that you can pick your child up at the end of the evening. The first night you check in your child will receive a lanyard if they are in elementary school or a name tag if they are in preschool.  Elementary will wear their lanyard each night.  Preschool will be provided with a name tag for each night.

Q.  What if I am not going to pick up my child?
A.  If someone else will be picking up your child, please make sure they have been listed on the registration form.  Also, please make sure this person has the security stub that matches your child’s wristband.

Q. Where do I need to take my child(ren) each night to ensure they get to the correct place?
A. Each night your child(ren) will be wearing their name badge and wristband.  They will just proceed to the sanctuary to meet up with their group.  Elementary-age children will meet their crew leaders nightly at 6:30 pm in the sanctuary. Preschool-age children will be taken to the gym to meet with their small group.

Q. What will my child(ren) be doing while they are at the SBP?
A. They will be learning about Jesus through many different hands-on activities such as crafts, stories, singing, dramas, games, and even snacks. Children will have opportunities to meet new people, while having lots of fun.

Q. If my child invites a friend to SBP, can they be assigned to the same group?
A. We’re so glad you’ve invited a friend to Summer BLOCK Party! We will put the kids together in small groups according to age just like in Kids ROCC on Sunday. Many small groups of different ages will be put together to interact together in a larger group. This is where friends will be able to be together.

Q. Who will be caring for my child/children?
A. Your child(ren) will be cared for by members and regular attendees of ROCC. All volunteers have undergone appropriate background screenings and will be trained prior to SBP.

Q. Does my child(ren) need to bring anything with them for SBP?
A. No.
Q. What/where do I need to do to pick up my child(ren)?

 Elementary Dismissal:
     Children will be released at 8:30 pm each night.
     Parent/Guardian will enter through Kids ROCC entrance and line up to go into the gym.  
     Parent/Guardian will enter gym and request their child and present the security stub that matches the child’s wristband.
     A volunteer will match the security stub with the child’s wristband and release the child.

Preschool Dismissal:

     Child will be released at 8:30 pm each night.
     Parent/Guardian will enter through Noah’s Ark entrance.
     Parent/Guardian will proceed to their assigned room and present the security stub that matches their child’s wristband to volunteer.
     * If you have preschool and elementary aged children, please pick up elementary aged children first.

 Q. If I identify my child’s special needs, will that exclude him/her from participating in SBP?
A. Absolutely not! We want every child to enjoy this event. Listing the needs of each child allows us the opportunity to make appropriate arrangements prior to the event in order to make the child feel comfortable throughout SBP.

Q. What if my child has allergies?
A. Please list your child’s food allergies on the participant registration form. This will allow the registration team to make note of the allergy, and they will notify the snack team. As a rule, we will not serve peanut butter; however, if your child has allergies we suggest you take a look at the ingredient labels and provide an alternate snack if we are serving something to which they are allergic. Ingredient labels will be on hand in the main kitchen for parents to review.