Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What does the BLOCK in Summer BLOCK Party (SBP) stand for?

A. Biblical Learning Opportunities for the Children of the Kingdom.


Q. When is SBP for 2021?

A.  SBP for 2021 will be Virtual! It will be Monday, June 21st - Friday, June 25th.    A link will be provided for you to access the event each day.


Q. What ages is SBP designed for?

A. SBP is designed for children that have completed 3-Year-Old Pre-K up to children that have just completed 5th grade.


Q. How does Virtual SBP work?

A. Virtual SBP is designed with the whole family in mind!  We are so excited to have all our parents join us a Crew Leaders for this amazing event!  Virtual SBP will be aired every week day in the evening via YouTube.  We will send out the daily links via email.  They will also be available on our website.  You will be able to come together as a family and have fun together with SBP!


Q.  What is Virtual Drive-Thru Kick Off?

A.  We will be hosting an event on the Saturday before SBP—June 19. You will be able to drive by and pick up your take-home kits to be used each night of SBP.  We will have fun events at the pick-up and several of our favorite SBP characters will be there to say hello! Pack up the car with all the kids and come join us at our drive-thru event! If you can not make it on Saturday, we will have pickup times on Sunday and Monday morning at the church.


Q.  What is included in the take-home kit?

A.  Each night of SBP is filled with all kinds of fun activities. In each take-home kit is a list of everything you will need to gather from home, as well as night-specific items that we specially packed with each child in mind.  We will also include a parent guide that tells what you will be learning each night and some age-guided discussion questions that you can use with your child to enhance their understanding of the Bible Points.  And finally, We will include the Bible Buddy for each night and a special gift from our church to your family to help you remember the wonderful time you had at SBP.